About Me

I'm a designer, currently helping friends connect in AltspaceVR. Before that, I helped influencers collaborate and share knowledge on Wikia/Fandom. And before that, I helped fans, teams, and content creators, move large bits of data on BitTorrent. From time to time I publish original music via WAY TOO SICK RCRDS.

I specialize in user-interface design for products. I have experience with a variety of platforms and cutting edge technologies like virtual reality, social interfaces, and peer-to-peer networks. All of that is supported by a foundation in branding, marketing, and traditional design. For me, design and technology are like the craft of tailoring. It mostly involves stitching things together--finding connections and linking things. There's a ton of hooking and hackery as things take shape. Links and connections become reality.

This approach to design applies to a variety of tasks. Features are fit into existing designs. Quick hacks are applied to established interfaces. Events are measured across multiple components and platforms. Comparing modern interface design to a classical industry also provides a plethora of terms and vocabulary words to nerd out on when naming projects and coming up with twitter handles. "I stitch, therefore..."

To see samples of design work, check out the design section of this site, and the technology section for front-end/code projects. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn and connect with me there if you want to request more detailed case study samples or just to say hi.

Ideas that motivate me

  • User-driven technology feels good and fits right
  • Experiences are tailored for each user
  • Hooks are encouraged and essential
  • Good design is well-structured, crisp and effective
  • Modularity is everything
  • Connections are everywhere
  • Durability is stylish

A bit about how I use social media

LinkedIn ➡

The home of my professional profile, which is probably more up-to-date than my actual resume. I don't share as much on Linkedin as I do on Twitter, but everything that I share here is curated and work appropriate.

Instagram ➡

You see what I see. I live in the Bay Area and spend time in Chicago and other places.

Twitter ➡

I like to play around with thoughts and ideas. My tweets consist of simple observations, big concepts, pro tips, lame jokes, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Twitter is a safe place to experiment--to contemplate--a free-for-all mash-up of anything I could be thinking or promoting.